(Above) Meet The Archers: Chele, her hubby Ray and their shop 'helper' Jackie (in Red)!
Updated to add: Friztel (blue bandana) crossed the rainbow bridge in October 2017, and continues to 'help' us from above but is missed, oh so much.

Who We Are

  Chele Archer, Owner

Chele Archer, Owner

Chele (Michele) is the Owner and Creative Director of Archer's Arrows. She is the creative mind and designer behind her one of a kind designs and products you see in our shops. Chele is a Colorado Native, rooted from Loveland. In 2006 she married her amazing husband, Raymond and still reside in Northern Colorado. As a graduate from University of Northern with her BABS in Health Science and Nutrition, she still is incredibly active with using her passion from her degree merged with her passion for wellness education and helping others.  When she is not in the studio you can find her at some of her favorite vendor events, concerts, outdoors, or spending quality time with the ones she loves.
Chele is passionate about her work, and prides herself in knowing that she is producing quality work for great prices!


Raymond is the Chief Operations Officer at Archer's Arrows. He is Chele's producer of all things, and has made shipping and production times cut in half since he's been a part of the team. Ray hails from Southern California, but is a Coloradan at heart as he's lived here for 20+ years. Ray has over 15 years of manager experience and his strengths are highlighted fabulously with our events and organizing all things (including Chele's thoughts at times). When Raymond isn't busy in the shop he enjoys spending times with spending quality time with Chele and his friends at concerts,  hunting, fishing, or participating in Bass tournaments.
Raymond's passion shows in all things he does. 

  Ray Archer, COO

Ray Archer, COO


A Note from Chele

Welcome to my little slice of life!
Hi, I'm Chele (pronounced 'Shell')... I am the owner and creative director of Archer's Arrows by Chele!
I am a wife, a puppy mama, and selectively outdoorsy. I have been blessed to be able to call this shop my full time job and passion! Recently, because of amazing growth and hard work- we took the leap of faith to bring my husband home from the grind of his job to help grow Archer's Arrows as a team, and to cut down on our processing times to get orders out quicker!
Archer's Arrows is committed to making a difference in our community, starting small with using as many recycled materials as possible, to working with Eco-Enclose (based out of Louisville, Colorado!) for most of our eco-friendly packaging needs. Some of our larger efforts are made via monthly donation efforts in Northern Colorado with being a part of Respite Care, Inc.'s Giving Society.
We are passionate about the amazing service that I have witnessed first hand from Respite Care, Inc. If you would like to donate to their cause, click here> DONATE NOW!)

My processing team is comprised of myself and my hubby- Ray (as of August 2017). On the crazy occasions of orders coming out of my ears, my team expands to some of my favorite women aka #girlbosses and girlfrans' who are willing to volunteer in my shop in exchange for salads, pizza, beer, but mainly in trade for our SWAG they've been eyeing! 
What can I say, my life is majorly on the crazy side but I wouldn't change it for the world. I love all things vintage, am creative as hell, and love creating new works of art for you, my customers!

What you can expect from me?
>Open Communication, Sane Prices, Branded Parcels (that you'll love opening!), quick Shipping, and Customer Service to meet your needs.
One of my favorite things to do for our customers is custom design and branding, if you don't see it in the shop- just ask! We can most likely create anything in vinyl and sublimation that you need... In-house!

Thank you for supporting Archer's Arrows, we appreciate YOU and helping us build our dream!

xx Chele xx

Archer's Arrows are extremely proud of our custom designs and have a number of our designs copy-written. We ask kindly- PLEASE DO NOT REPRODUCE!