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CBD Healing Co. Inc  has an agreement with a Utah base farm that distills essential oils from organic plants, and trees... A+ purely Therapeutic grade process.  Our agreement provides our manufacturing an abundance of essential oils in mass. We infuse those terpenes into our products to produce the synergy that benefits thousands. Our THC-free Hemp oil offers a comprehensive profile, Rich in CBD and other minor cannabinoids. (SCC02) proprietary extraction / purification technology is why we receive the cleanest Isolates and Distillate. Profile testing reflects consistent CBD profiles of up to 89% concentration without THC, and 99.9% with isolates we infuse into our products. We provide an organic and powerful broad spectrum CBD isolate, and THC-free full spectrum (RAW) (WAX) and (BULK) CBD Distillate of any potency (mg) and weight (ml). Receive concentrations from 50% to 89%. All of our products may be third party tested, utilizing various methods to include UPC2, UPLC/MS/MS,HSGC and other methods used to ensure our premier clients that we're as organic as it gets, and that our process has NO THC, NO TOXINS, NO GMO, NO pesticides, NO solvent residues, and NO heavy metals. We can fulfill large contracts in a timely manner. Our manufacturing facility can process >2,000 Bottles per day. If you have large scale orders, WE CAN HANDLE THEM!!!  If you're a serious purchaser, and have an interest in offering our products in your small to BIG BOX retail, please e-mail  us at support@cbdhealingco.com. 

We are the trusted "leading provider" of quality Organic HEMP products infused with essential oils and raw butters. Our products all have ZERO-THC, Broad-Spectrum cannabinoid oils, enriched with essential oils / terpenes, thousands of organic oils from mother earth, and organic butters to include mango, Shea butter and many more beneficial ingredients that offer the power of synergy.


  1. Cultivation, extraction and analytical lab operations, as well as organic HEMP farms operate under strict certification standards enforced by cGMP, by ISO-9001, and the Colorado Department of Agriculture.

  2. Cultivation, extraction and analytical lab operations, as well as our organic Therapeutic grade essential oil farms operate under strict certification standards enforced by ISO-9001, organic Framing Practices, cGMP, and the Colorado, Utah and other state Department of Agriculture departments.

  3. Large-Scale (Big-Box) retail and other national retail companies can be confident in our ability to fulfill any (P.O.) purchase order placed with our manufacturing sales team. We can currently produce over 2,000 bottles per day, and plan to scale those operation by 2020 to 5,000 (+) bottles per day.

  4. Because we custom order, and have special blends you cant buy anywhere else, Lead times on most (wholesale) (bulk) orders are 7 - 14 business days, but by 2020 lead times will decrease to (<) 7 days from confirmation of payment of purchase order to completion of product. This does not include (RAW) (BULK) Purchases of Distillate or Isolates. lead times on those products are much faster!!!

  5. We produce the purest, high-quality, Broad spectrum THC-free CBD Oil, RICH in minor - cannabinoids.

  6. Our certified Colorado lab utilizes a safe practice, when extracting cannabinoid oil, thus removing unwanted solvents, to include (Delta-9) Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

  7. This proprietary process does not damage the medicinal compounds naturally present in our hundreds of pure oils, isolates, waxes and other finished or RAW products, thus offering a more consistent, potent, quality finished product.

  8. Our isolates and Distillate are RICH in (CBD) (Terpenes) and (Flavonoids), as well as Omega Fatty Acids, and a full spectrum of vitamins, and minerals, offering an astounding medicinal purpose. The bio-availability of our products are much more effective than any of our competitors due to our proprietary, synergistic blends that are blessed with hundreds of various plant base ingredients that all offer therapeutic grade medicinal benefits.

  9. The Colorado & Utah extraction facilities process is proprietary. It offers our lab the purest, most consistent (Bulk) and (Wholesale) Butters, Flower, Isolates, and oils in the world. The technology targets very specific cannabinoids to remain present in our isolates, and industrial HEMP Distillate, such as (CBD) Cannabidiol, (CBN) Cannabinol and other vital cannabinoids beneficial for offering the synergistic affect.

  10. CBD is the (Dominant) medicinal compound among all other cannabinoids, and makes up a minimal of 47% of industrial HEMP extracts. When it comes to (Purity) and (Consistency) CBD Healing Company, and our Co-op of Organic farmers, and extraction facilities help us produce the "Finest" products in the world!!! Our profiles typically see purity levels of (>) 84 %. We can offer lower percentages for bulk clients upon request. This is typically considered degrading the product to save money, not a practice we encourage but, not all companies can afford the purest levels of Higher than 80% CBD, and 20% minor cannabinoids (+/-). This is an example only. Percentages may vary per batch.

  11. If you order from us, you can trust that we will accept your telephone calls, text and e-mail communications in a timely manner always! We will be as loyal to you the day you reached out to us, as we will years from now. Our family operated business has implemented a policy that we (Shall Never) loose track of our founding morals, values and principals. This is a brand we intend to be here 100 years from now! We will continue to expand, and reinvest into our operations so that we will be the largest provider of organic, therapeutic grade CBD products infused with essential oils. You can count on us to be there for you when you need us!

    ***DISCLAIMER- ALWAYS CONSULT WITH YOUR MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL TEAM BEFORE ADDING OR REMOVING HEALTH SUPPLEMENTS. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.***