If you've been following our pictures on Insta, you know we've been working hard on some mean mugs. We have to admit, they're pretty amazing!

Happy Camper

Happy Camper

Introducing to you

***drumroll please***


Our new Mama Bear Mug and Happy Camper Mug.- Now kids, this isn't your grandpa's coleman mug here. We are talking about a full 18oz vacuum insulated stainless steel travel mug, with leak proof screw top lids. I had started making these for the site and ended up keeping one of each color for my personal stock (If your husband is anything like mine, travel mugs walk away and somehow get sucked into the abyss of his work truck). 

These beauties can almost hold my venti starbs- minus two large sips off the top. The Mugs were rated to stay hot for up to 5 hours, I would say more like 3. HOWEVER, it keeps cold items COLD! Queue happy dance for all my Iced Coconut milk Macchiato lovers out there, can we get an AMEN!?


If coleman coffee cups bring back fond memories of camping to you as they do me, then these babies will do the trick errday, all day. 
Chele's note->(Ok, the memory it brings up for me is a flaming marshmallow that I launched accidentally, flying through the air landing on my sisters leg- still on fire- almost burning her to death... the last part differs depending on who is telling the story. She is ok, although emotionally scarred, we are working on a go-fund me for her, lol)

But for the reals, these babies are up on Etsy starting on July 25th for as long as stock lasts! Y'all better work quick to get the color you want, because these puppies are already getting spoken for!

Looking forward to more designs,

xo Chele