VIP Referral Program!

I first need to start by saying- THANK YOU to all who have referred to Archer's Arrows. Because of your amazingness we are starting a referral program as a virtual hug from us to you. 

I am literally sitting in the Denver International Airport- C Terminal waiting to board a flight, and because of the sweet nectar of the gods, I am feeling extra sweet and lovey. #thankyouvodka  

Thanks to the amazing Sarah W., Lilly, Andrea, Mia, and others that have been referring- I am starting a referral program to personally thank each of you that are referring the hell out of us with our new program!

How does it work? Great question.

Step 1- Contact me, let me know that you're interested in getting in on this. I will set up a code for you that your contacts can use to save 10% off of orders $10 or more!

Step 2- Like us on Facebook and the Insta. I’d like to like you as well, especially because of step #6… oh and free shit.

Step 3- Points, points, points- For every $10 your referral spend, YOU will get 1 point. 1 Point= 1 clam aka buck aka US Dollar off of your order. The more you hoard, the more you can spend in the end. Because #love and #vodka.

(I probably sound like an alcoholic by now, but this week has been a bit of a cluster. I haven't seen my hubs for 10 days and I haven't made it to bed before 1am all week and have been under a time constraint to get orders out before I leave the shop to go to NV. Then DC. Then CO- home. I allowed myself this extra dirty martini as my gold star for surviving the week, and a pat on the ass for doing it well and keeping my shit together… for the most part). 

Step 4- Refer, then spend. Easy as pie (Where did this saying come from, because I make my pies from scratch and it is not f**king easy... just saying)

Step 5- Keep Referring. The more you refer, the more you get. Duh, totes so Obvs.

Step 6- Monthly I will add you to my nice list. Like Santa- I’ll let you know how many points you’ve earned. I’ll shout out on IG and other Social Media platforms that you, my friend, are rad AF.

That’s it… really, it is NOT hard #thatswhatshesaid. If you’re a part of YoungLiving, DoTerra, or just like our decals and have a lot of friends who want our products- this is totally worth it.

If you’re NOT part of YoungLiving and want info on oils- how they will benefit not only your pocket book but also your health, let me know. I’ll hook a sista up!


Until next time sweet thang!