During a business meeting with the amazing Tracy from Oopsa Daisy (who I have the pleasure in helping her brand her new website and logo!), I re-visited a shop space that I've always loved. We walked across the downtown brick street to visit the boutique I knew used to be there... only to find bare walls, open floors and a FOR RENT sign hanging in the window. This space; the open windows, the wood floors, tin ceilings, and brick walls are so much of what I want in a storefront. Brick and Mortar daydreaming... and then reality of the rent, overhead expenses, the area where the shop is (crime), yada yada yada. It stopped there. I stopped it there.
I've recently come to find that something I could do so easily as a kid, doesn't come so easily anymore. It's something about that frontal lobe maturing that totally makes our subconscious get buried under our conscious, over critical, over analytical adult-y selves that gets in the way of daydreaming.

So much light!

So much light!

I've been reading an amazing book as of late called: You Are A Badass, by Jen Scisnero. She is a total badass- and if you haven't read this book yet... DO IT. I'd even Kindle share this ish with you if you need!
While I've been reading this book a few total DUH moments have hit me like a slap to the face. 1. I suck at daydreaming, vision boarding, envisioning the totally crazy big pictures.
2. I'm pretty harsh on myself and I've put myself last... and if you're not first you're last (as Ricky Bobby's daddy so wonderfully put it). 
So, where does this leave me? Thinking about daydreaming, admitting that I am not great at it... that I lost my 8 year old professional touch at thinking about the grandiose things life can offer.
Have you ever forgotten how to daydream? Looked at something and said 'that would be amazing to_____? or to be _____? or to own_____?' Then immediately correct those thoughts with over analyzing your daydream. You put in every possible catastrophe that could happen to the point you've completely and utterly talked yourself out of your dream because the 'what ifs' are way too damn scary? Yeah, this was totally me...
What if I quit my full time semi-corporate job to run an Etsy shop that is supporting my family and my dreams? What if I take the time to get healthy, to focus on my family, to focus on ME? What if I expand into other outlets and add another shop? What if I buy x, y, and z machines because I need them to grow?
  -> Oh- well that's silly. It's selfish, you can't quit your job! What if the oil business suddenly goes under and my bottles and decals mean jack squat any more? What if Etsy's site gets hacked into and I lose everything? What if no one wears shirts, drinks out of coffee mugs, or uses windows anymore? And dear sweet baby Jesus... what would Shirley in accounting think? 
      Well, who the hell cares what Shirley from accounting thinks!? And why am I making everything a catastrophe? Seriously.. hackers... no windows? Who am I? What's the worst that's going to happen? You make the same amount of money you were in your job that was sucking the life out of you, but you're about 839,479,589,209,749,578 times happier? You lose weight the first month you're home full time because you're not so stressed out? Your hair starts to grow back because you focus on your health? You get to see your husband, your dogs, and your framily more? Yeah... that there is some scary shit! Scary awesome.

Taking that first leap is insanely scary. I won't lie about that. I think I questioned myself about nine bazillion times within the first two weeks I was home, until I realized that it was all working out. OMG- this thing is working! Now that I have given myself some permission to dream a bit, I can look at the crazy big picture. Like what's to come? What will that Brick and Mortar look like? Ohhh, the possibilities in life are endless!

What is your daydream? Are you living it? I'd love to hear about it!

xx Chele xx