Consider the Fruit Tree

Y’all. I stole this off of an inspirational page on fb after it hit me straight to the feelers and got me thinking about this with business and life.

We wanted a fruit tree to sustain us
We wanted a fruit tree to provide for us.
We planted the seed.
We loved it and watered it.
Then we wondered where our fruit was, because “isn’t this a fruit tree?”
We let no time pass. Frustrated that we had to wait to see the tree slowly emerge from the ground.
We watched the tree begin to grow into a sapling. 
We watched it live through weather conditions that we feared would uproot it and kill it. Only to have shown that it strengthened its roots during the harsh times.
We watched it grow large, and had big ideas of even putting things under it for refuge. Or maybe hang a hammock for rest.
But still, no freaking fruit.
We get hopeless.
We wonder if we should have even dreamed of having a fruit tree, because somehow our fruit tree isn’t producing like our neighbors. Rude. Maybe we should have planted a pecan tree, or something else.
We must rethink everything, maybe relocate it? Would it survive a transplant?
We get scared that we will never have fruit to taste. Our neighbors have been kind enough to share their fruit, but it’s not the same. It’s not ours.
We finally say screw it, we let go. We ask for help and realize that all along we hadn’t been fertilizing or tending to our tree correctly.
We learn and adapt to what our tree needs from us, and not the other way around.
We start to fertilize it, we prune the dead away. With new joy, new excitement, and we do it EVERY 👏🏼DAY👏🏼.
We had a routine and forgot the rest.
We put our heads down and stop even noticing our neighbors tree anymore because we are so focused on ours growing.
And one day, believe it or not, FRUIT GREW!
It was more delicious than our neighbors, our tree was healthier than theirs as well.
The hard work, the scary moments paid off because we persevered.

This is all like business. What we choose to adapt to or learn along the way is up to us. But we cannot all keep going into business thinking it’s an overnight thing. It takes hard, and I mean so stupid it will make you cry because you’re so tired, type of hard work. Just when you think things are crappy and another storm is heading your way you have a choice to make.

-Are you going to root down and make you stronger?


-Is this next gust going to finish you?

Stay true to you, to what is right and true. Stay true to what you want your business to look like, feel like, and operate like, because it is up to you. It’s up to you the environment you create in and around that business. Are you bringing life into it, or are your words and thoughts poisoning your roots? Take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Re-Focus. But whatever you do you’ve got to keep your head up butter cup. You’ve got a Forrest around you that is here to help take on some of the storm with you. 

What is your tree that is growing or being planted right now? Are you putting into it everything it needs to flourish, grow, and give life back to you?

xo Chele