A Makeover for Archer's Arrows!

Our very first logo!

Our very first logo!

We are so excited to finally get to announce the re-branding of Archer's Arrows by Chele!

You'll be noticing a new look, and a bit of a new direction to our growing business! When the idea of Archer's Arrows was birthed, I was working full time and trying to find a way to help other essential oilers who were sick of only having bottles that were ugly with an even uglier and crappy label for my blends. I only dreamed that it would grow and I could create more sweet stuff!

Fast forward to current day.

We still help oilers and offering our awesome custom decals, bottles, and swag and won't ever leave our small orders. The small and custom orders are some of my FAVE orders, after all .

Now, friends that started off with just a few gifts for their teams have now grown to tons of gifts for their teams of 100+ and we are happy to accommodate and help their growing brands and teams.

  • We're Branding their businesses with unique logos, websites, and material.

  • We're Branding shirts, mugs, and bottles with THEIR new logos for their teams.

  • We're making their storefront logos, signs, and car vinyls to advertise their growing teams.


So, in total Chele fashion, I decided I wanted to grow with our customers in order to help even more. If you're an enneagram follower, I'm a type 2- HELPER... and this is how I want to and have helped teams so far.

  • We will still be offering our amazing decals, but we'll be empowering our community more by offering the design files for these so that you, who have Cricut and Silhouette machines can save money and make them at home without the hassle of designing them. The cost will be minimal, because I like to be realistic for other's on a budget!

  • We will still be offering tools for businesses, we'll just be opening our options to ALL direct sales distributors and businesses! This means more options to ALL of our customers for multiple lines of new products.

  • We will still be designing and making t-shirts, but we'll be offering a direct to garment printed option for those who need full color shirts (WTF is a direct to garment print? Think "Screen print" but full color and like a printed canvas!).

  • We will still be offering one off’s and inexpensive branding, logos, websites, and more.

  • We will be expanding our education and will be offering our services to local businesses and online!

  • We will continue to offer vinyl decals for advertising on businesses and automobiles.

  • We will continue to offer sane prices, and free shipping on orders of $25 or more.

  • We will continue to educate our customers on new products and our favorite brands to work with.

So? What does this mean for you, our customers? Not much, just more options, a new look, and amazing products and services to go with.

Thank you all so much for helping us grow. We can’t wait to show you what we’ve dreamed up!

xo Chele