It's a Wrap 2016!

First, I need to start of with MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all. This year has been extraordinary in many ways! Because of you, my clients, we have processed almost 1100 sales IN TEN MONTHS! We have gotten our brand to homes in the US, Canada, Hong Kong, and Australia. We've created 99 new listings, and sold out of countless others. We've gained over 1500 Facebook friends, and 1033 Instagram followers. BECAUSE YOU GUYS ROCK! Thank you for making this business amazing for me!

On a bit of a lower note:
I want to let you know that I am closing the shop for some health reasons, but will re-open the beginning of the new year. I need to let my body heal after a very difficult year and so that I can be the best Business I can be.


On a super personal/backstage look, this has been our 2016:

This year we have dealt with the trials of infertility treatments, and failure after learning that my body may never be viable for pregnancy. We have stared losing loved ones in the face, and prayed for their healing from cancer and other illnesses. We have experienced loss. We have experienced many rough days with our 'other' jobs, and deciding to leave those jobs for a non-toxic environment. We've loved hard, and have been busier than I have ever imagined… Seriously, my house hasn't been in great shape since August. It looks like a hurricane hit then and we have yet to rebuild (I wouldn't change the world for your business! Thank you!). We have been to a few new states. Quit a job on a leap of faith. Filled a billion Holiday orders. And have helped my husband in times of great need… This leads me to closing. 
I've made this decision after receiving test results back from my doctor's appointment Monday. I am facing another health hurdle with my autoimmune disease and feel that I need to focus on this new medicine cocktail and get healthy in order to best run my business. I will be closing for a few weeks until the BEGINNING OF JANUARY, but I do see this as a necessity in order to focus on my health.
I am asking that if you are a positive person, praying type, or care to, to please send your positive thoughts, prayers, vibes, and energy my way. God knows we can use it at this time. I don't write this asking for pity, I actually hesitated in even doing this because I can't stand that, but I believe in healing and hope for it. 

I look forward to bringing you an amazing spring line, new BLACK MATTE bottles, and updated items to you once I'm back! 
Love you all!

Merry Christmas, and a VERY blessed New Year!
Chele and the Archer's Arrows Crew

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