It's a Wrap 2016!

First, I need to start of with MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all. This year has been extraordinary in many ways! Because of you, my clients, we have processed almost 1100 sales IN TEN MONTHS! We have gotten our brand to homes in the US, Canada, Hong Kong, and Australia. We've created 99 new listings, and sold out of countless others. We've gained over 1500 Facebook friends, and 1033 Instagram followers. BECAUSE YOU GUYS ROCK! Thank you for making this business amazing for me!

On a bit of a lower note:
I want to let you know that I am closing the shop for some health reasons, but will re-open the beginning of the new year. I need to let my body heal after a very difficult year and so that I can be the best Business I can be.


On a super personal/backstage look, this has been our 2016:

This year we have dealt with the trials of infertility treatments, and failure after learning that my body may never be viable for pregnancy. We have stared losing loved ones in the face, and prayed for their healing from cancer and other illnesses. We have experienced loss. We have experienced many rough days with our 'other' jobs, and deciding to leave those jobs for a non-toxic environment. We've loved hard, and have been busier than I have ever imagined… Seriously, my house hasn't been in great shape since August. It looks like a hurricane hit then and we have yet to rebuild (I wouldn't change the world for your business! Thank you!). We have been to a few new states. Quit a job on a leap of faith. Filled a billion Holiday orders. And have helped my husband in times of great need… This leads me to closing. 
I've made this decision after receiving test results back from my doctor's appointment Monday. I am facing another health hurdle with my autoimmune disease and feel that I need to focus on this new medicine cocktail and get healthy in order to best run my business. I will be closing for a few weeks until the BEGINNING OF JANUARY, but I do see this as a necessity in order to focus on my health.
I am asking that if you are a positive person, praying type, or care to, to please send your positive thoughts, prayers, vibes, and energy my way. God knows we can use it at this time. I don't write this asking for pity, I actually hesitated in even doing this because I can't stand that, but I believe in healing and hope for it. 

I look forward to bringing you an amazing spring line, new BLACK MATTE bottles, and updated items to you once I'm back! 
Love you all!

Merry Christmas, and a VERY blessed New Year!
Chele and the Archer's Arrows Crew

and for a laugh



VIP Referral Program!

I first need to start by saying- THANK YOU to all who have referred to Archer's Arrows. Because of your amazingness we are starting a referral program as a virtual hug from us to you. 

I am literally sitting in the Denver International Airport- C Terminal waiting to board a flight, and because of the sweet nectar of the gods, I am feeling extra sweet and lovey. #thankyouvodka  

Thanks to the amazing Sarah W., Lilly, Andrea, Mia, and others that have been referring- I am starting a referral program to personally thank each of you that are referring the hell out of us with our new program!

How does it work? Great question.

Step 1- Contact me, let me know that you're interested in getting in on this. I will set up a code for you that your contacts can use to save 10% off of orders $10 or more!

Step 2- Like us on Facebook and the Insta. I’d like to like you as well, especially because of step #6… oh and free shit.

Step 3- Points, points, points- For every $10 your referral spend, YOU will get 1 point. 1 Point= 1 clam aka buck aka US Dollar off of your order. The more you hoard, the more you can spend in the end. Because #love and #vodka.

(I probably sound like an alcoholic by now, but this week has been a bit of a cluster. I haven't seen my hubs for 10 days and I haven't made it to bed before 1am all week and have been under a time constraint to get orders out before I leave the shop to go to NV. Then DC. Then CO- home. I allowed myself this extra dirty martini as my gold star for surviving the week, and a pat on the ass for doing it well and keeping my shit together… for the most part). 

Step 4- Refer, then spend. Easy as pie (Where did this saying come from, because I make my pies from scratch and it is not f**king easy... just saying)

Step 5- Keep Referring. The more you refer, the more you get. Duh, totes so Obvs.

Step 6- Monthly I will add you to my nice list. Like Santa- I’ll let you know how many points you’ve earned. I’ll shout out on IG and other Social Media platforms that you, my friend, are rad AF.

That’s it… really, it is NOT hard #thatswhatshesaid. If you’re a part of YoungLiving, DoTerra, or just like our decals and have a lot of friends who want our products- this is totally worth it.

If you’re NOT part of YoungLiving and want info on oils- how they will benefit not only your pocket book but also your health, let me know. I’ll hook a sista up!


Until next time sweet thang!




It's a Nuthouse GIVEAWAY around here... and it's not even Christmas!

I mean, it's always a nuthouse around here filled with an assortment of crazies at times, but this time we are doing a giveaway to celebrate!

If you're anything like me, you may dream about the day 'when we aren't so busy we'll get to x, y, and z'. Instead of clearing things off your oh so crowded plate, you decide to open a side business, begin blogging again, decide to sell your house to begin building a new house/figuring out where the hell you're going to move to. Trust me, I'm not bitchin' about anything here. I am blessed beyond measure that my life is mine... #blessed. 

What I'm really here is to do, is to announce all the crazy ideas that are coming to you this fall. Y'all know that the items in my shop aren't necessarily crazy, but some of my ideas are. So, this is where you- my followers come into play. I need YOU to vote on some items you'd like to see in the shop. I am WILLING fall to come soon so that I can launch these brain children of mine and wear #alltheplaid (Seriously, I am wearing my hunter boots and clicking them together in hopes the season will change. As I sit here typing Colorado has listened to my plea and went from 80+ degrees yesterday to 50 today!).

This fall we will be launching on ONLY pre-made parcels. These packages will be put together and ready to go out the door within a week's time. Perfect for gifts, yourself, and pretty much anything you can think of! We will have an assortment including:

The Soccer Mom parcel- 1-Thieves 10ml Roller, 1-Breathe Easy 10ml Roller, 1- Ouchie Roller 10ml roller, 1- Buggy 4oz Spray, and our 16oz Glass Water Bottle that says #imomsohard

The Luxe parcel- Includes our NEW sexy black matte roller bottles, our stainless steel spray bottles, and the sexiest font around... These things are so beautiful, I want to wear them! Here's a sneak peek at what some of them will come with.

The #momsohard Parcel- Buggy spray, Monster Spray, Ouchies, Sleepytime, and Stress Away. Here's a sneak peek of some of the sweet decals we've made for these. 

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 7.07.30 PM.png

We are so excited to begin offering these parcels on Archer's Arrows!

Where does this giveaway come in? We want to hear your idea for a roller parcel! Comment below on what you'd like to see in a roller parcel, and we will randomly select a winner on August 31st 12pm MST. Let us know what you'd like to see!



If you've been following our pictures on Insta, you know we've been working hard on some mean mugs. We have to admit, they're pretty amazing!

Happy Camper

Happy Camper

Introducing to you

***drumroll please***


Our new Mama Bear Mug and Happy Camper Mug.- Now kids, this isn't your grandpa's coleman mug here. We are talking about a full 18oz vacuum insulated stainless steel travel mug, with leak proof screw top lids. I had started making these for the site and ended up keeping one of each color for my personal stock (If your husband is anything like mine, travel mugs walk away and somehow get sucked into the abyss of his work truck). 

These beauties can almost hold my venti starbs- minus two large sips off the top. The Mugs were rated to stay hot for up to 5 hours, I would say more like 3. HOWEVER, it keeps cold items COLD! Queue happy dance for all my Iced Coconut milk Macchiato lovers out there, can we get an AMEN!?


If coleman coffee cups bring back fond memories of camping to you as they do me, then these babies will do the trick errday, all day. 
Chele's note->(Ok, the memory it brings up for me is a flaming marshmallow that I launched accidentally, flying through the air landing on my sisters leg- still on fire- almost burning her to death... the last part differs depending on who is telling the story. She is ok, although emotionally scarred, we are working on a go-fund me for her, lol)

But for the reals, these babies are up on Etsy starting on July 25th for as long as stock lasts! Y'all better work quick to get the color you want, because these puppies are already getting spoken for!

Looking forward to more designs,

xo Chele 

The Hilarious Side of Infertility

Two years ago we dove into fertility treatment. Here is a guest blog that I wrote… Enjoy!
(you can find the original blog here)

The Hilarious Side of Infertility | Guest Post



In my infinite wisdom, I spent the day on the lake with the family yesterday in spite of being sick. I am now paying for it with, what can only be described as, a brain-aneurysm-level-headache. So, again, Bach recap will be postponed, but I do have a guest blogger here for you today. One of my bff's, Chele, is hilarious, HOT, funny, infertile, a riot, smart, goofy, talented, and did I mention hot? Hot.

And yes. She's infertile.

Not like, "we tried 2 months to get pregnant and it didn't work and I'm infertile." No. Barren. Childless. No bun in her oven. Not knocked up. No bat in her cave. Not in the family way. Not in the pudding club. Not late. Not up the duff.

Why? She has an auto-immune disease called Hashimotos. Did you know that it leaves you infertile? Did you know that it means you need a specialist to kick start your body to get pregnant? Did you know that it means being poked and prodded ad nasueam? Did you know that 63% of women with Hashimotos do not ovulate? Did you know that of those women who have this disease who are lucky enough to get pregnant that thyroid antibodies increased the risk of miscarriage by 290%?

We dealt with secondary infertility. I could get pregnant, but I couldn't stay pregnant. I felt like the biggest loser - I couldn't do what God had created me to do. I like to think that I know a smidgen of what Chele has gone through the last 4 years, but that's bullshit. Her journey is hard, ugly, and unrewarding, but dammit, if she doesn't have a great attitude and an even better sense of humor. 
Without further ado...


Oh hey! I'd like to think that I was invited to guest blog because I'm hilarious and ridiculously good-looking. However, if I set you up for too much awesomeness, I'm afraid I'll let you down. So, with an open mind and a box of tissues (or gluten-free cheerios, like I'm currently shoveling in my mouth) LET ME ENTERTAIN YOU.

I'm about to take you down the hilarious road of infertility. I mean, if I can laugh about it surely you can too. Really, besides the part where you are humping like bunnies, infertility really sucks.

NOW- Lets move on to the interesting moments this journey has brought us to now.

My first appointment with our amazing doc, who we so kindly call MVP (V- is for what you're thinking... I mean he is a baby doc after all) went something like this:

-1 hour of paperwork

-20 mins of waiting in a room that gives me anxiety, waiting for the most un-awkward, comfortable experience of ovary checking and metal stirrups. (insert sarcasm here) 

-20 mins of talking to the doc about health history, etc.

-2 mins to undress. Put paper blanket over lady bits.

-30 seconds to have doc come in to say there's an emergency breech that he had to take care of, be back in 10 mins...

-9 hours (ok, maybe 1 hr) to have doc come back in, explain he had to do an emergency C-Section and then wash up and change.

-Next was the poking, being felt up, and the sono.

I hate the sono, seriously. I mean it gives good info, and we saw my ovaries and empty uterus. We saw that my right side may never have viable eggs, and left was possibly good. So, what does all this mean? Well, because I don't ovulate, they started me on clomid- which makes my body ovulate- and go from there to see if I have viable eggs.

- 3 mins to get dressed

-20 mins to go over plan of attack... without giving my hubs a complete heart attack. I think what he heard was in 4 months you will be pregnant with twins, triplets, or sextuplets. What I heard was that we will do a max of 4 rounds of clomid, and that from there we will see what our other options are.

-Leave the office and cry in Panera, try to not feel completely hopeless about not being able to eat gluten. Oh, and not seeing a little baby in that empty uterus.

Whew... I'm exhausted just from riding this roller coaster this again! Have I lost you yet? No? Good!

-Move on to cycle day 3-7 of clomid. This medicine makes me bat-shit cray. Seriously, I cried because I swore my dog hated me when I had to wrap up her paw... she was giving me a dirty look, and it hurt my tender heart. My poor husband, he deserves sainthood - he consoled me and reminded me that I was Clomid crazy that I was a good pup-mom and to have some vodka.

-Sono- Day 13: Another appointment with MVP (and probably my favorites because of my dear friend coming to take ridiculous pictures and lighten the mood) and that appointment went something like this:

-20 mins of bullshitting in the waiting room

-30 seconds of awkward silence after I spewed the words "This is my life partner Andrea, my husband couldn't make it." The heartless nurse did NOT think we were funny... and we are fecking HILARIOUS. 

-2 mins of forcing myself to pee in a cup, praying I wouldn't spill.

-10 mins of waiting for the doc, getting undressed and changed into my paper towel outfit, and covering the v-garden.

-During 10 mins lighten the mood by joking around with the expensive hospital equipment, try not to vom from nerves.

-20 mins of MVP checking my ovaries for ripe follicles. Trying to decide if soon my brain would be punctured from the sono wand. Meanwhile, Andrea is making jokes about seeing my guts make poo out of my breakfast from earlier that day. 

- We see two HUGE follicles on the left side, right side still doesn't want to join in the pants party. I laugh and try not to cry, knowing that my body actually produced something!

-2 mins of supermanning my clothes back on, prepping for a game plan.

-15 mins of being told to do ovulation sticks starting today and to 'F like crazy' (his words, not mine! I'd never say the F-word). Scheduling a visit with the vampires on day 22 to make sure the great Egg Drop happened. And a shit ton of finger crossing that my body cooperated and ovulated.

-30 mins of chowing down on Panera salads (again, mourning the loss of gluten because all I want is a DAMN BAGEL!) and joking about the appointment. Trying not to get too excited, you know, just to be ready for a shit ton of let down.

-Day 14/15- the Egg Drop 

-Day 22-28- CRAZY symptoms. Get blood drawn to confirm ovulation. I think I may be pregnant, if not I have the plague. Still humping like zoo animals. Have a false positive test, and false hope.

-Day 28/Day 1- I clearly had the plague.

This is just ONE month of the fun. 

Did you know that 1 in 6 couples suffer from infertility? There are many reasons why our bodies decide to be assholes, my reason is because I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis AKA chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis. This disease has crippled many things in my life, and put my life and my amazingly hot husband's, on hold for almost 7 years. Hashimoto's is an autoimmune disease that crippled my fertility, my joints, my head, my ability to go on trips with my husband in fear I'd have train wreck to the head AKA migraine, and more. Hashimoto's is only found if you have an ANA (Anti-NuclearAntibody) test, and MUST be treated by specific meds for Hashi's. Women who have Hashimotos struggle with infertility, and many are told they can never become is close to impossible.

Why am I writing about this? Are you a Fertile Myrtle? If so, think of 5 of your closest girlfriends. One of you is probably struggling with infertility. 

>TALK ABOUT IT, it sucks. If you're a Fertile Myrtle, it's ok; don't feel guilty you have babies. Just love your friend, don't make us plan your baby shower. We will cut a hoe. 

> DO NOT CLAIM YOU HAVE THEIR DISEASE if you don't. Don't lie, don't pretend. If you're putting that shit out in the universe, it's like you're praying for it. If you want my Hashimotos, girl, you can have it! It totally grinds my gears when someone is seeking pity. F OFF (I used the word I never say, I am currently praying that the sweet baby Jesus is forgiving me).

>WE DON'T WANT PITY, we want a friend. We want a friend to go with us to appointments when the hubby is not able to. We want a hand to hold when the sono hits our sinuses. We want a shoulder to cry on when the clomid has made us bat shit crazy and we are sure our husband is going to go crazy just from being around us. We want a shoulder to cry on when the pregnancy tests come up negative in an Ikea bathroom. We want you to be there, just be a friend. You don't have to say anything but 'Love you betch, you'll be ok and try again' (and maybe buy us a double vodka).

> WE WANT YOU TO CELEBRATE when we have a positive ovulation test, or God-willing a pregnancy test! Duh.

Thank you for reading. Y'all are precious lambs and if you're struggling with infertility, speak up. It's ok to do that! More than likely you have a friend who dealt with much of the same and can be an amazing support... or message me on Facebook. I'd love to chat!

Meanwhile... I'm gonna leave this right here.

IG post.png

~xo Chele