Interested in becoming an Archer's Arrows Brand Rep?
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-Must be 18 years of age and have a mailing address in the US.

-Must have an active public Instagram  or Facebook profile to which you will be posting (We ask that no special 'Archer's Arrows Rep Profiles' may be made).

-Currently have a strong social media following and self-brand.

-Strong writing and photography skills.

-Must post about Archer's Arrows lines, family of lines, or specific product.

-Must be willing to participate in sharing Company Generated Instagram posts for sales, or for special offers during Holidays or Special Events.

-You must have a strong understanding in our products and must have placed at least 2 orders from us in the past year or are familiar with our product lines.

-As an Archer's Arrows Brand Rep, you act as another face to the company. If Archer's Arrows feels that your page/post is inappropriate or done in poor taste (ie. attacking another brand, person, or business) or does not portray Archer's Arrows brand, and family of brands in a positive light, we may request images of our products to be removed from your page/site.

-Archer's Arrows has zero tolerance for cyber-bullying and other acts of cyber harassment. As a rep, you must not engage in 'mean-girling' or any other cyber bullying tactics. If Archer's Arrows feels that you are creating unnecessary drama, attacks,  or arguments online, Archer's Arrows may revoke your title at any time.

-You must allow Archer's Arrows to view your social profiles and use your photos.

-Archer's Arrows may revoke your title at any time due to conduct or other issues.

-Brand Reps currently work with Archer's Arrows on a 6 month, contract basis. Every 6 months our owner and team have the option to 'renew' with the Brand Rep or discontinue. 

Brand Rep Perks?

-15% (or more depending on product, and if a new launch) off of all products!

-'Bonus' items to be sent to blog, or feature as giveaways on your social media. When a Brand Rep places an order with us, we very regularly send 'free' promotional items that we ask you blog, post, or live stream about.

-VIP perks= stacks-on-stacks-on-stacks! We keep track of your BR Code and the traction you bring to the shop. For every $10 a person purchases in our shop, you get $1 off your product (PLUS YOUR DISCOUNT!).

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