Pumpkin Spice and EVERYTHING Nice!

It’s Fall Y’all! My FAVE time of year! These cool, crisp Colorado mornings make winter almost bearable… almost. Sadly, in Colorado, Fall seems to be the time of year that if you blink you’ll miss it.

Because it’s my favorite time of the year- we recently released a few new fall products in our Etsy Shop that are a perfect way to get your Fall on!
I know that I already am part of the crafting community, but between the weather and the change of seasons, I get the urge to get all sorts of DIY up in here. Because of that, I’m sharing some of my favorite recipes I’ve recently come across! I would love to claim these recipe and fall DIY’s as all mine, but today they’re coming directly from my FAVE magazine “Willow and Sage”. If you haven’t seen or read a Willow and Sage mag, and you’re into oils, crafting, diy, or like bath and body works type of products (but toxin free)- I’m sure it’ll be your jam too!
We’d love to hear about what you try! Tag us in your pix on our Insta or FB <-Click to follow us!

In the meantime, I’ll be in the studio working on our own fave DIY’s!
Until next time!
XO Chele

This polish is AMAZING! With how dry Colorado gets in the winter, this will be a go-to for sure!

This polish is AMAZING! With how dry Colorado gets in the winter, this will be a go-to for sure!

Whipped Pumpkin.png

Oh Hey 2018! Lookin' good!

I say it over, and over again. I'm not great at keeping up on the blog. Because of this reason, I've started to actually schedule it in my normal life, but life is everything but normal!
So, let's revisit the past few months:

Happy Labor Day!
Happy Halloween!
Happy Thanksgiving!
Merry Christmas!

I think I got that covered pretty well now! So, moving on to the awesomeness that is 2018!
We are so excited for this year. There's been a few fun and amazing changes that we've made to the shop that we hope you'll love and notice!

I think I got that covered pretty well now! So, moving on to the awesomeness that is 2018!
We are so excited for this year. There's been a few fun and amazing changes that we've made to the shop that we hope you'll love and notice.
First, we are going to focus more on what YOU want... what you really really want (Spice Girls, anyone? I digress...) with products.
We've started the Archer's Arrows Influencers Group on Facebook (Come hang out with us HERE) where you can come and vote on items that we're looking at adding into the shop. Leave suggestions or comments, and see what others are doing with their products they love.

Little known fact: I hated boy bands growing up, but throw some Salt N Peppa, Spice Girls, or Destiny's Child my way and I could Rap with the best of em.

Little known fact: I hated boy bands growing up, but throw some Salt N Peppa, Spice Girls, or Destiny's Child my way and I could Rap with the best of em.

The other thing we have decided to change up, is offering Limited Edition items. Y'all are unique, so are our products. We want you to have a product just as unique to you as they are to our shop. These limited edition items won't last long, we want to make sure we're following the trends (color trends, oiling tools, etc.) to get the most out of your product and leave a stamp of your unique personality on these gorgeous items!
Check out our Chakra sets for example... not only are they beautifully colored, the gemstones add an energy and touch to them that you won't find in other shops. We've also just added our Blanc & Noir collection, y'all... they're gorgeous! 

We've also decided to leave the state more... for vendor events, conventions, and to see you guys! Our next out of state event is probably pretty close to your neck of the woods-> Kansas City, Missouri! Come hang out with us on March 31st in KC-MO (Holla at my Missouri Friends!!!!) at the Kansas City Oddities Expo. It's weird. It's unique. And we're bringing one of a kind items to you!


For more info on what we've got going on in the shop this 2018 follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

XO Chele


My 'Why'

Seasons are changing, things are busy (as always) and there is a buzz in the air at Archer's Arrows.
Why? Great question... because MY 'WHY' is in motion and things are happening quickly!
This is my why. His name is Raymond aka Ray | RayJay | Hot Ray. We've been married for almost 11 years ago. When I was getting ready to marry this amazing man, I knew I caught 'The One' and wasn't about to let him go. He's by far the most amazing man I've ever met in my life, and he truly is my perfect match.
He's the hardest worker I've ever met. He is one of the most fun, loyal, loving, generous, hilariously funny, and ridiculously good looking man around. He's taken care of a wife who was sick for over half of our marriage, and never left me or complained when he had to do the work of two when I was down for the count. He deserves the best of the best, he deserves to be happy, and my goal in life is to give him all of that and more!

Many people asked why I started Archer's Arrows. At first it was a way to release my creativity on the world and cater to my customers and friends for all their decal needs. Then, we started growing- and growing! My goal when we first started growing, was to create a business that was large enough and providing enough income to bring my husband home. In January that changed. I never had planned on me being home full time before him. The goal was to make it so that he could leave his current job. Well, the cards fell into place, other things fell way out of place, and the decision for me to stay home and work on building Archer's Arrows divinely lined up. 
Fast forward a few months to May. In May it became apparent that the hub's work situation wasn't what he wanted it to be. Years of working the same job and finding no fulfillment left him feeling burnt out, used, and ready to move on. My WHY has always been my main focus, and now- My WHY is coming home. 

As of August, Archer's Arrows is welcoming our second full time employee. My husband! Many people don't realize that when they're buying from a small shop, that they're also supporting a BIG dream. Because of you, our customers and biggest supporters, we are able to be jumping out into the scary big waters of full entrepreneurship. Your support helps bring husbands home to a job that he can feel fulfilled in building his own business. Your support and purchases make it possible for this. Ray has helped in the shop over the holiday season and when I need an extra hand in production. He makes processing times cut in half, and opens up time for me to work on the design side of our business.
What else!? Well...
As of August, we will also be expanding the Archer name. Not with people, but with an additional shop. We will be offering branding services, website building, and Industrial vinyls (Car advertising with vinyls, Business window hours/advertising) on a much larger scale than our small vinyl cutters can do. We will also be offering more clothing lines, and expressing the crazy/sarcastic/sailor linguistic side of us through products! We are excited and proud to introduce: The Other Side Design Co, An Archer's Arrows by Chele Brand.


So, what does all of this mean (I mean, besides us being about 90000 times happier in life)?
-Faster processing times aka 1 week shipping!
-More design releases!
-More options!
-More seasonal products!

I am THRILLED beyond belief that this dream is coming true! I truly appreciate the support we have from our customers and friends and look forward to seeing the business grow and prosper! Thank you for being such amazing support. Your prayers and encouragement mean the world to us at this time as it is a leap of faith, and sometimes leaping is scary! We look forward to the rest of this year and can't wait to see where we will be in a year from now! 

Have a great week!
 Xo Chele and Ray

Makers gonna Make

Make and takes? What are they and how can I rock the socks off of a make and take?

The great thing is-> Archer's Arrows is offering Start to Finish make and take packages. The packages will include: 

  • 50-Invitations
  • 15- Recipe cards for 5 recipes
  • 2 Recipes for Foods using your essential oils
  • Containers/bottles for 15x5 recipes includes: roller bottles, jars, or containers needed for the recipes
  • Supply list you need for the class
  • 15 Thank you cards
  • Hostess information package
  • Hostess reward for kit sales/etc.

Make and takes, well, they're kind of my jam and I've learned how to dial them to a smooth finish. It starts with a theme. These are the options that we've loved to work with!

  • Mom & Me- Focusing on recipes for both mom and baby- diaper cream, bosom buddy balm, soothing lotion, baby bubble bath, and stress soak for mama. 
  • Pampered and Pretty- Focusing on recipes for her beauty regime- dry shampoo, blush, face scrub, shave oil, and zit zapper.
  • Beauty and the Bedroom/ Bachelorette Party- Focusing on recipes to ignite the inner Aphrodite for her with recipes to use with him- nips N lips (edible balm), THE recipe (pants party for her), dry shampoo (for that after party hair), massage oil for him or her, and shave oil.
  • Fur Babies- Focuses on your pets wellness- Pet Shampoo, no-odor litter drops, smell good spray(dogs), bad breath biscuits, and flea/tick collar repellent.
  • The Outdoors Enthusiast- focuses on recipes for all of the outdoor enthusiast- after sun soothing spray, buggy spray, sun shield, cooling spray, and fresh tent spray.
  • Holiday/Special occasion- Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Birthday Party, etc. Let us know what you're looking for and we can make it seasonally sound

Now, the next question I have is: What would YOU like to see in our Make and Take boxes!? We are SO excited to be doing these, and cannot wait to hear from you! We will be doing a drawing on all who comment on this post to offer $20 off your first Make and Take box! 

Your Name *
Your Name
What options would you like in the Make and Takes? *
Please check all that apply


During a business meeting with the amazing Tracy from Oopsa Daisy (who I have the pleasure in helping her brand her new website and logo!), I re-visited a shop space that I've always loved. We walked across the downtown brick street to visit the boutique I knew used to be there... only to find bare walls, open floors and a FOR RENT sign hanging in the window. This space; the open windows, the wood floors, tin ceilings, and brick walls are so much of what I want in a storefront. Brick and Mortar daydreaming... and then reality of the rent, overhead expenses, the area where the shop is (crime), yada yada yada. It stopped there. I stopped it there.
I've recently come to find that something I could do so easily as a kid, doesn't come so easily anymore. It's something about that frontal lobe maturing that totally makes our subconscious get buried under our conscious, over critical, over analytical adult-y selves that gets in the way of daydreaming.

So much light!

So much light!

I've been reading an amazing book as of late called: You Are A Badass, by Jen Scisnero. She is a total badass- and if you haven't read this book yet... DO IT. I'd even Kindle share this ish with you if you need!
While I've been reading this book a few total DUH moments have hit me like a slap to the face. 1. I suck at daydreaming, vision boarding, envisioning the totally crazy big pictures.
2. I'm pretty harsh on myself and I've put myself last... and if you're not first you're last (as Ricky Bobby's daddy so wonderfully put it). 
So, where does this leave me? Thinking about daydreaming, admitting that I am not great at it... that I lost my 8 year old professional touch at thinking about the grandiose things life can offer.
Have you ever forgotten how to daydream? Looked at something and said 'that would be amazing to_____? or to be _____? or to own_____?' Then immediately correct those thoughts with over analyzing your daydream. You put in every possible catastrophe that could happen to the point you've completely and utterly talked yourself out of your dream because the 'what ifs' are way too damn scary? Yeah, this was totally me...
What if I quit my full time semi-corporate job to run an Etsy shop that is supporting my family and my dreams? What if I take the time to get healthy, to focus on my family, to focus on ME? What if I expand into other outlets and add another shop? What if I buy x, y, and z machines because I need them to grow?
  -> Oh- well that's silly. It's selfish, you can't quit your job! What if the oil business suddenly goes under and my bottles and decals mean jack squat any more? What if Etsy's site gets hacked into and I lose everything? What if no one wears shirts, drinks out of coffee mugs, or uses windows anymore? And dear sweet baby Jesus... what would Shirley in accounting think? 
      Well, who the hell cares what Shirley from accounting thinks!? And why am I making everything a catastrophe? Seriously.. hackers... no windows? Who am I? What's the worst that's going to happen? You make the same amount of money you were in your job that was sucking the life out of you, but you're about 839,479,589,209,749,578 times happier? You lose weight the first month you're home full time because you're not so stressed out? Your hair starts to grow back because you focus on your health? You get to see your husband, your dogs, and your framily more? Yeah... that there is some scary shit! Scary awesome.

Taking that first leap is insanely scary. I won't lie about that. I think I questioned myself about nine bazillion times within the first two weeks I was home, until I realized that it was all working out. OMG- this thing is working! Now that I have given myself some permission to dream a bit, I can look at the crazy big picture. Like what's to come? What will that Brick and Mortar look like? Ohhh, the possibilities in life are endless!

What is your daydream? Are you living it? I'd love to hear about it!

xx Chele xx

It's a Wrap 2016!

First, I need to start of with MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all. This year has been extraordinary in many ways! Because of you, my clients, we have processed almost 1100 sales IN TEN MONTHS! We have gotten our brand to homes in the US, Canada, Hong Kong, and Australia. We've created 99 new listings, and sold out of countless others. We've gained over 1500 Facebook friends, and 1033 Instagram followers. BECAUSE YOU GUYS ROCK! Thank you for making this business amazing for me!

On a bit of a lower note:
I want to let you know that I am closing the shop for some health reasons, but will re-open the beginning of the new year. I need to let my body heal after a very difficult year and so that I can be the best Business I can be.


On a super personal/backstage look, this has been our 2016:

This year we have dealt with the trials of infertility treatments, and failure after learning that my body may never be viable for pregnancy. We have stared losing loved ones in the face, and prayed for their healing from cancer and other illnesses. We have experienced loss. We have experienced many rough days with our 'other' jobs, and deciding to leave those jobs for a non-toxic environment. We've loved hard, and have been busier than I have ever imagined… Seriously, my house hasn't been in great shape since August. It looks like a hurricane hit then and we have yet to rebuild (I wouldn't change the world for your business! Thank you!). We have been to a few new states. Quit a job on a leap of faith. Filled a billion Holiday orders. And have helped my husband in times of great need… This leads me to closing. 
I've made this decision after receiving test results back from my doctor's appointment Monday. I am facing another health hurdle with my autoimmune disease and feel that I need to focus on this new medicine cocktail and get healthy in order to best run my business. I will be closing for a few weeks until the BEGINNING OF JANUARY, but I do see this as a necessity in order to focus on my health.
I am asking that if you are a positive person, praying type, or care to, to please send your positive thoughts, prayers, vibes, and energy my way. God knows we can use it at this time. I don't write this asking for pity, I actually hesitated in even doing this because I can't stand that, but I believe in healing and hope for it. 

I look forward to bringing you an amazing spring line, new BLACK MATTE bottles, and updated items to you once I'm back! 
Love you all!

Merry Christmas, and a VERY blessed New Year!
Chele and the Archer's Arrows Crew

and for a laugh



VIP Referral Program!

I first need to start by saying- THANK YOU to all who have referred to Archer's Arrows. Because of your amazingness we are starting a referral program as a virtual hug from us to you. 

I am literally sitting in the Denver International Airport- C Terminal waiting to board a flight, and because of the sweet nectar of the gods, I am feeling extra sweet and lovey. #thankyouvodka  

Thanks to the amazing Sarah W., Lilly, Andrea, Mia, and others that have been referring- I am starting a referral program to personally thank each of you that are referring the hell out of us with our new program!

How does it work? Great question.

Step 1- Contact me, let me know that you're interested in getting in on this. I will set up a code for you that your contacts can use to save 10% off of orders $10 or more!

Step 2- Like us on Facebook and the Insta. I’d like to like you as well, especially because of step #6… oh and free shit.

Step 3- Points, points, points- For every $10 your referral spend, YOU will get 1 point. 1 Point= 1 clam aka buck aka US Dollar off of your order. The more you hoard, the more you can spend in the end. Because #love and #vodka.

(I probably sound like an alcoholic by now, but this week has been a bit of a cluster. I haven't seen my hubs for 10 days and I haven't made it to bed before 1am all week and have been under a time constraint to get orders out before I leave the shop to go to NV. Then DC. Then CO- home. I allowed myself this extra dirty martini as my gold star for surviving the week, and a pat on the ass for doing it well and keeping my shit together… for the most part). 

Step 4- Refer, then spend. Easy as pie (Where did this saying come from, because I make my pies from scratch and it is not f**king easy... just saying)

Step 5- Keep Referring. The more you refer, the more you get. Duh, totes so Obvs.

Step 6- Monthly I will add you to my nice list. Like Santa- I’ll let you know how many points you’ve earned. I’ll shout out on IG and other Social Media platforms that you, my friend, are rad AF.

That’s it… really, it is NOT hard #thatswhatshesaid. If you’re a part of YoungLiving, DoTerra, or just like our decals and have a lot of friends who want our products- this is totally worth it.

If you’re NOT part of YoungLiving and want info on oils- how they will benefit not only your pocket book but also your health, let me know. I’ll hook a sista up!


Until next time sweet thang!




It's a Nuthouse GIVEAWAY around here... and it's not even Christmas!

I mean, it's always a nuthouse around here filled with an assortment of crazies at times, but this time we are doing a giveaway to celebrate!

If you're anything like me, you may dream about the day 'when we aren't so busy we'll get to x, y, and z'. Instead of clearing things off your oh so crowded plate, you decide to open a side business, begin blogging again, decide to sell your house to begin building a new house/figuring out where the hell you're going to move to. Trust me, I'm not bitchin' about anything here. I am blessed beyond measure that my life is mine... #blessed. 

What I'm really here is to do, is to announce all the crazy ideas that are coming to you this fall. Y'all know that the items in my shop aren't necessarily crazy, but some of my ideas are. So, this is where you- my followers come into play. I need YOU to vote on some items you'd like to see in the shop. I am WILLING fall to come soon so that I can launch these brain children of mine and wear #alltheplaid (Seriously, I am wearing my hunter boots and clicking them together in hopes the season will change. As I sit here typing Colorado has listened to my plea and went from 80+ degrees yesterday to 50 today!).

This fall we will be launching on archersarrows.com ONLY pre-made parcels. These packages will be put together and ready to go out the door within a week's time. Perfect for gifts, yourself, and pretty much anything you can think of! We will have an assortment including:

The Soccer Mom parcel- 1-Thieves 10ml Roller, 1-Breathe Easy 10ml Roller, 1- Ouchie Roller 10ml roller, 1- Buggy 4oz Spray, and our 16oz Glass Water Bottle that says #imomsohard

The Luxe parcel- Includes our NEW sexy black matte roller bottles, our stainless steel spray bottles, and the sexiest font around... These things are so beautiful, I want to wear them! Here's a sneak peek at what some of them will come with.

The #momsohard Parcel- Buggy spray, Monster Spray, Ouchies, Sleepytime, and Stress Away. Here's a sneak peek of some of the sweet decals we've made for these. 

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 7.07.30 PM.png

We are so excited to begin offering these parcels on Archer's Arrows!

Where does this giveaway come in? We want to hear your idea for a roller parcel! Comment below on what you'd like to see in a roller parcel, and we will randomly select a winner on August 31st 12pm MST. Let us know what you'd like to see!



If you've been following our pictures on Insta, you know we've been working hard on some mean mugs. We have to admit, they're pretty amazing!

Happy Camper

Happy Camper

Introducing to you

***drumroll please***


Our new Mama Bear Mug and Happy Camper Mug.- Now kids, this isn't your grandpa's coleman mug here. We are talking about a full 18oz vacuum insulated stainless steel travel mug, with leak proof screw top lids. I had started making these for the site and ended up keeping one of each color for my personal stock (If your husband is anything like mine, travel mugs walk away and somehow get sucked into the abyss of his work truck). 

These beauties can almost hold my venti starbs- minus two large sips off the top. The Mugs were rated to stay hot for up to 5 hours, I would say more like 3. HOWEVER, it keeps cold items COLD! Queue happy dance for all my Iced Coconut milk Macchiato lovers out there, can we get an AMEN!?


If coleman coffee cups bring back fond memories of camping to you as they do me, then these babies will do the trick errday, all day. 
Chele's note->(Ok, the memory it brings up for me is a flaming marshmallow that I launched accidentally, flying through the air landing on my sisters leg- still on fire- almost burning her to death... the last part differs depending on who is telling the story. She is ok, although emotionally scarred, we are working on a go-fund me for her, lol)

But for the reals, these babies are up on Etsy starting on July 25th for as long as stock lasts! Y'all better work quick to get the color you want, because these puppies are already getting spoken for!

Looking forward to more designs,

xo Chele