Mind Yo’ Mouth + Watch Yo’ Mind

I’ve often hesitated in writing about personal things, but then I realize that this blog is called ‘Chele’s Chatter’ and if you know that Chele girl…. bitch can chaaaat. haha
No, this blog is not about clean language.( Again, have we met?) It’s about the choices we make with our word… It’s amazing what a few little words can mean, and sometimes that it means nothing.

Have you ever come across a smooth talking schmoozing of a person? You fall for the glitter and show, get gulped in by an inner circle, get chewed and chew up as well, and then spit out before you can even blink. Only to find that the Wiz behind the curtain isn’t what you thought?
They’re the ones who are constantly doing the newest coolest thing, hanging with the newest coolest people…Doing everything yet nothing... Until they’re not…
They’re influencing while they’re under the influence…
They’re kinda reliable… but not really….
What’s not seen is the multiple failed things that was sure to make them the next big thing. It’s about the followers and not the friends. It’s about the looks on the surface, and nothing about depth. It’s about their friendship, but not about a relationship. There’s this saying ‘Consistency is Key’ doesn’t seem to apply to them because nothing is consistent. Ever.
If you’ve got someone that is constantly reinventing themselves- BUYER BE WARE. The person you became friends with, will soon be someone you can barely recognize.
The sad thing is that they’ll always succeed in recreating themselves, because they’ve got a lot of practice in doing so… it’s the wake of bodies they leave behind them that they don’t recognize. Manipulation (whether they know they’re doing it at all) is a fluent language to them, and lies seem to get produced too easily. It’s a sad thing to watch, and it’s hurtful and angering when it happens to you….

I recently met with a friend and we brought up the words “Best Friend” and how it’s thrown around so much anymore, it seems to have lost all sense of the word. Then I looked at those in my life who I gave that name to, and who really deserve that name. Y’all I’m in my 30’s, I don’t have sleepovers or pass notes in class, or friends who I give the other half of my heart necklace to… but for a while, I did throw that word around like confetti. I gave a lot more than I had in the bank to give, and it left me empty. Emotionally bankrupt, and angry.

Photo May 21, 11 22 24 AM.jpg

But what is amazing? God. You might call it the Universe, or your creator, or whatever. But I believe that there is someone or something bigger than me up there, in that beautiful and giant universe, that someone (I hope) has their shit and everyone else’s all together. Why do I say that? Because a swear filled messy, heartfelt prayer was screamed out into the Nevada sky in October… hoping someone or something was listening.
That next morning I woke up to text messages from a few random people (whom I thought had let me go) telling me that they weren’t sure what was going on but that they were thinking about me and loved me. That they were there for me if I ever needed it. These two women are pretty incredible, and you both know who you are <3. If you want to see what all Christians should be like, hang with these women. They freaking get it, and I don’t have to morph into someone I’m not. I’m not judged, I’m loved. Then, I had a text message from my therapist (who literally never texts me) asking how I was doing. There was no huge life events going on, so I found it crazy timing, but no coincidence. I look back at that time that I felt like I was wandering alone, darkness closing in around me, and that I needed this darkness to find that there is STILL light out there. October forced me to find the rest of my backbone that I’d been searching for. I found the ‘No F*cks Given’ button, and pushed it HARD… along with some unfriend buttons.

I am going to say, that choosing to call someone a Best Friend comes with expectations and is a give-give relationship. I am lucky I got to go through what I did last fall. Depression sucks, like hardcore sucks, but it was necessary for me to get my shit together!
Honestly, at this point in my life the only one that comes relatively close to a best friend, is my one and true soul mate. My husband. It took a shitty few years to realize this, and I’m kind of embarrassed to say it took that long… but damn. I’ve got one amazing best friend, who I also get to sleep with (and it doesn’t get weird). He’s pretty rad, and hot.

Ladies, let’s take a hot second and think about this. If you’ve got a slew of women you’re calling your bestie or bff, or a new one every year, you might want to chiggity check yo’self. Is you husband only getting the sloppy seconds? I’m not saying you can’t have women who are your best friends. Outside of Raymond, my one constant has been my girl Beki. I’ve been best friends with her since I was 15. We’ve been through a LOT of life together and this year we celebrate 20 years of friendship (WHAT!?). Beki isn’t on social media (that’s why she’s getting named lol!), and that makes me love her that much more! Beki is strong, and wise, and discerning, and ALWAYS POINTS ME BACK TO MY HUSBAND. What I mean by that, is my marriages’ biggest cheerleader and always has been. Ray gets the best me after I hang out with her because she is like a battery charger, and I for her. She is more like a Bosom Buddy (Anne of Green Gables fans- I gotchu!), and loves me for all of me. All the crap, and the weirdness…. but in the end, she makes me a better me when I’m around her.
I’ve found some similar amazing women who are like Beki. They’re too busy in life to try to change me, too busy to be involved in drama. They’re building businesses from the ground up, organic startup, and we just get each other.

Are you depressed? Do you use the word ‘No’? Are your friends shitty? Are your friends giving you room to be you?
Are they charging your battery, or sapping your energy?
Does your hubby get sloppy seconds?
IF you answered yes to any of the above… they’re all attached.
Find yourself people who you’d like to grow up to be. Surround yourself with ass kickers, truth tellers, anti-gossipers, and people that will truth bomb you when it’s needed. CUT OUT THE DEAD WEIGHT when it’s needed. It’s called pruning, and if you don’t cut those dead branches off- you won’t grow.
Keep your words sacred. If you’ve got a hubby, go show him some appreciation wink wink, and treat him like you would your bestie. If he’s anything like my bestie- that man has been through the shit and back with me… he’s my ride or die, he’s seen you at your heaviest and your thinnest, he’s seen you cry at stupid dragon shows, he’s seen you sick as a dog and taken you to the hospital, he’s been a rock when you felt like you were in quicksand… YOU GET THE POINT. If you have a friend who’s been through that kind of shit, and still loves you. THAT, is a true bff and deserves that title. Is your significant other or partner your bestie?

YOU have the power to remove yourself from any situation you don’t want to be a part of- You’re the only one who can create the best version of yourself.
Babe, you are custom made!

Thanks for coming to my TED Talk.
XO Chele

A Makeover for Archer's Arrows!

Our very first logo!

Our very first logo!

We are so excited to finally get to announce the re-branding of Archer's Arrows by Chele!

You'll be noticing a new look, and a bit of a new direction to our growing business! When the idea of Archer's Arrows was birthed, I was working full time and trying to find a way to help other essential oilers who were sick of only having bottles that were ugly with an even uglier and crappy label for my blends. I only dreamed that it would grow and I could create more sweet stuff!

Fast forward to current day.

We still help oilers and offering our awesome custom decals, bottles, and swag and won't ever leave our small orders. The small and custom orders are some of my FAVE orders, after all .

Now, friends that started off with just a few gifts for their teams have now grown to tons of gifts for their teams of 100+ and we are happy to accommodate and help their growing brands and teams.

  • We're Branding their businesses with unique logos, websites, and material.

  • We're Branding shirts, mugs, and bottles with THEIR new logos for their teams.

  • We're making their storefront logos, signs, and car vinyls to advertise their growing teams.


So, in total Chele fashion, I decided I wanted to grow with our customers in order to help even more. If you're an enneagram follower, I'm a type 2- HELPER... and this is how I want to and have helped teams so far.

  • We will still be offering our amazing decals, but we'll be empowering our community more by offering the design files for these so that you, who have Cricut and Silhouette machines can save money and make them at home without the hassle of designing them. The cost will be minimal, because I like to be realistic for other's on a budget!

  • We will still be offering tools for businesses, we'll just be opening our options to ALL direct sales distributors and businesses! This means more options to ALL of our customers for multiple lines of new products.

  • We will still be designing and making t-shirts, but we'll be offering a direct to garment printed option for those who need full color shirts (WTF is a direct to garment print? Think "Screen print" but full color and like a printed canvas!).

  • We will still be offering one off’s and inexpensive branding, logos, websites, and more.

  • We will be expanding our education and will be offering our services to local businesses and online!

  • We will continue to offer vinyl decals for advertising on businesses and automobiles.

  • We will continue to offer sane prices, and free shipping on orders of $25 or more.

  • We will continue to educate our customers on new products and our favorite brands to work with.

So? What does this mean for you, our customers? Not much, just more options, a new look, and amazing products and services to go with.

Thank you all so much for helping us grow. We can’t wait to show you what we’ve dreamed up!

xo Chele

Clean AF- Featuring Sage

Hi my name is Chele and I’m a relatively new hippie dippy and I’m so ok with it.
Whew, now that is out of the way I can discuss my love for all things sage and why I love to sage my house/My office/ Me.

Incense and other smoke help connect humans with the spirit world and can be traced as far back to Ancient Greece. Using incense to help clear energy and auras, whether you believe in it. It’s what many rely on as part of their normal meditation practices and religious beliefs.

Grab this  here

Grab this here

Using dried sage is a bit of newer practice that is rooted back to the Native American’s practice. Shamans use dried sage and other plants as part of a ritual to calling upon the spirits to remove conflict, anger, illness, evil, etc. The belief is that the negative energies are absorbed by the sage smoke and released and cleansed from your energy and your space. Using Sweet grass as a smudge is said to call forth energy of peace, love, and connection.

I personally use Sage when we have what I’d call a ‘toxic spill’ in our house/are of energy. Have you ever had a guest or guests who when they leave they also leave their shitty energy with? Yeah, that is the perfect time to sage! Last summer Ray and I saged a few times when there was a lot of chaos in our lives and coming in and out of our door. Because I believe in God, I use this time to pray as well and ask for protection for your heart and house. You can meditate and visualize during this time as well. I believe that God brought these plants into our lives for a reason, if I can use the two together- fab!

I also use home made Lavender/Rose smudge wands because
1. I’m kinda basic and it’s just really freaking pretty.
2. I love the properties of these plants and the rooted feeling I get from all of those.

So, what’s the point?

Grab this  here

Grab this here

I find the act itself makes me move my mindset. Sage smudging my house makes me focus on on bringing in GOOD, and LETTING GO of the bad. Like I said, it’s been great for toxic spills, but it’s also great weekly to start a new week with new energy.

(I took this from a blogpost that you can find here):
Here is a simple 3-step sage smudging ritual to try:

1. Use loose dried white sage or a white ceremonial sage bundle (aka wand), which is usually bound together by a thin string. You can find sage bundles at your local herb shop or health store, Wiccan/pagan bookstore, metaphysical store, and even some yoga and healing arts centers. Or, if you have a sage plant, you can make your own — just bundle and tie it, and then hang upside down in cool dark space until it is completely dried out.

2. Next, place it on any heat-proof burning surface like an Abolone Shell— a traditional vessel used by Indigenous American people that represents the element of water. Light the bundle by holding a flame to it until it begins to smoke. If a true flame appears, shake the bundle gently or blow until it is just embers and smoke. I often find that I have to re-light my sage bundle a few times during the ritual process. If you are burning loose leaf sage, the best method is to use a charcoal burning disk inside of a censor or small cauldron.

3. Once you have a nice smoke going, use you hand or a feather to direct the smoke over your body from your feet up to your head, then back down again. As you do this, visualize the smoke taking away with it any negative energy from your life, any darkness or malady.

If you feel comfortable with this incantation {or can’t for your life think of shit to say}, repeat the following:

"Air, fire, water, earth. Cleanse, dismiss, dispel."

The sage ceremony lifts the veil between the everyday and the sacred. As you say your incantation, you are shifting energy at will.

Once you have smudged your body, begin to move through your space. Wave the smoke into all corners, across doorways and into shadow spaces. To maintain the atmosphere of ritual, keep repeating the incantation in your mind as you diffuse the smoke.

Once the space is cleared, allow the sage bundle to either burn out or gently press it out in your heat-proof shell or container. You can even bury the remaining smudge in your garden to really feel the completeness of the cleansing ritual. Once buried, the sage has done its work in completing the elemental cycle. Ideally, you should try to use a new smudge for each cleansing.

So, this is why I sage.
Times I’ve saged:
-When we’ve had house guests (clear out their energy, let ours come back in)
-When we’ve had illness/accidents that keep happening
-When our space feels ‘off’
-When business feels shitty
-When great things happen (as an offering of thanks and appreciation)
-When change has happend
-When my attitude sucks (seriously, it just switches your brain to a different frequency)

Grab your sage from one of my favorite Etsy gals WingoStarrJewelry to get your sage on!

Happy Cleansing Everyone! I hope this helps!

Consider the Fruit Tree

Y’all. I stole this off of an inspirational page on fb after it hit me straight to the feelers and got me thinking about this with business and life.

We wanted a fruit tree to sustain us
We wanted a fruit tree to provide for us.
We planted the seed.
We loved it and watered it.
Then we wondered where our fruit was, because “isn’t this a fruit tree?”
We let no time pass. Frustrated that we had to wait to see the tree slowly emerge from the ground.
We watched the tree begin to grow into a sapling. 
We watched it live through weather conditions that we feared would uproot it and kill it. Only to have shown that it strengthened its roots during the harsh times.
We watched it grow large, and had big ideas of even putting things under it for refuge. Or maybe hang a hammock for rest.
But still, no freaking fruit.
We get hopeless.
We wonder if we should have even dreamed of having a fruit tree, because somehow our fruit tree isn’t producing like our neighbors. Rude. Maybe we should have planted a pecan tree, or something else.
We must rethink everything, maybe relocate it? Would it survive a transplant?
We get scared that we will never have fruit to taste. Our neighbors have been kind enough to share their fruit, but it’s not the same. It’s not ours.
We finally say screw it, we let go. We ask for help and realize that all along we hadn’t been fertilizing or tending to our tree correctly.
We learn and adapt to what our tree needs from us, and not the other way around.
We start to fertilize it, we prune the dead away. With new joy, new excitement, and we do it EVERY 👏🏼DAY👏🏼.
We had a routine and forgot the rest.
We put our heads down and stop even noticing our neighbors tree anymore because we are so focused on ours growing.
And one day, believe it or not, FRUIT GREW!
It was more delicious than our neighbors, our tree was healthier than theirs as well.
The hard work, the scary moments paid off because we persevered.

This is all like business. What we choose to adapt to or learn along the way is up to us. But we cannot all keep going into business thinking it’s an overnight thing. It takes hard, and I mean so stupid it will make you cry because you’re so tired, type of hard work. Just when you think things are crappy and another storm is heading your way you have a choice to make.

-Are you going to root down and make you stronger?


-Is this next gust going to finish you?

Stay true to you, to what is right and true. Stay true to what you want your business to look like, feel like, and operate like, because it is up to you. It’s up to you the environment you create in and around that business. Are you bringing life into it, or are your words and thoughts poisoning your roots? Take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Re-Focus. But whatever you do you’ve got to keep your head up butter cup. You’ve got a Forrest around you that is here to help take on some of the storm with you. 

What is your tree that is growing or being planted right now? Are you putting into it everything it needs to flourish, grow, and give life back to you?

xo Chele

Pumpkin Spice and EVERYTHING Nice!

It’s Fall Y’all! My FAVE time of year! These cool, crisp Colorado mornings make winter almost bearable… almost. Sadly, in Colorado, Fall seems to be the time of year that if you blink you’ll miss it.

Because it’s my favorite time of the year- we recently released a few new fall products in our Etsy Shop that are a perfect way to get your Fall on!
I know that I already am part of the crafting community, but between the weather and the change of seasons, I get the urge to get all sorts of DIY up in here. Because of that, I’m sharing some of my favorite recipes I’ve recently come across! I would love to claim these recipe and fall DIY’s as all mine, but today they’re coming directly from my FAVE magazine “Willow and Sage”. If you haven’t seen or read a Willow and Sage mag, and you’re into oils, crafting, diy, or like bath and body works type of products (but toxin free)- I’m sure it’ll be your jam too!
We’d love to hear about what you try! Tag us in your pix on our Insta or FB <-Click to follow us!

In the meantime, I’ll be in the studio working on our own fave DIY’s!
Until next time!
XO Chele

This polish is AMAZING! With how dry Colorado gets in the winter, this will be a go-to for sure!

This polish is AMAZING! With how dry Colorado gets in the winter, this will be a go-to for sure!

Whipped Pumpkin.png

Oh Hey 2018! Lookin' good!

I say it over, and over again. I'm not great at keeping up on the blog. Because of this reason, I've started to actually schedule it in my normal life, but life is everything but normal!
So, let's revisit the past few months:

Happy Labor Day!
Happy Halloween!
Happy Thanksgiving!
Merry Christmas!

I think I got that covered pretty well now! So, moving on to the awesomeness that is 2018!
We are so excited for this year. There's been a few fun and amazing changes that we've made to the shop that we hope you'll love and notice!

I think I got that covered pretty well now! So, moving on to the awesomeness that is 2018!
We are so excited for this year. There's been a few fun and amazing changes that we've made to the shop that we hope you'll love and notice.
First, we are going to focus more on what YOU want... what you really really want (Spice Girls, anyone? I digress...) with products.
We've started the Archer's Arrows Influencers Group on Facebook (Come hang out with us HERE) where you can come and vote on items that we're looking at adding into the shop. Leave suggestions or comments, and see what others are doing with their products they love.

Little known fact: I hated boy bands growing up, but throw some Salt N Peppa, Spice Girls, or Destiny's Child my way and I could Rap with the best of em.

Little known fact: I hated boy bands growing up, but throw some Salt N Peppa, Spice Girls, or Destiny's Child my way and I could Rap with the best of em.

The other thing we have decided to change up, is offering Limited Edition items. Y'all are unique, so are our products. We want you to have a product just as unique to you as they are to our shop. These limited edition items won't last long, we want to make sure we're following the trends (color trends, oiling tools, etc.) to get the most out of your product and leave a stamp of your unique personality on these gorgeous items!
Check out our Chakra sets for example... not only are they beautifully colored, the gemstones add an energy and touch to them that you won't find in other shops. We've also just added our Blanc & Noir collection, y'all... they're gorgeous! 

We've also decided to leave the state more... for vendor events, conventions, and to see you guys! Our next out of state event is probably pretty close to your neck of the woods-> Kansas City, Missouri! Come hang out with us on March 31st in KC-MO (Holla at my Missouri Friends!!!!) at the Kansas City Oddities Expo. It's weird. It's unique. And we're bringing one of a kind items to you!


For more info on what we've got going on in the shop this 2018 follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

XO Chele


My 'Why'

Seasons are changing, things are busy (as always) and there is a buzz in the air at Archer's Arrows.
Why? Great question... because MY 'WHY' is in motion and things are happening quickly!
This is my why. His name is Raymond aka Ray | RayJay | Hot Ray. We've been married for almost 11 years ago. When I was getting ready to marry this amazing man, I knew I caught 'The One' and wasn't about to let him go. He's by far the most amazing man I've ever met in my life, and he truly is my perfect match.
He's the hardest worker I've ever met. He is one of the most fun, loyal, loving, generous, hilariously funny, and ridiculously good looking man around. He's taken care of a wife who was sick for over half of our marriage, and never left me or complained when he had to do the work of two when I was down for the count. He deserves the best of the best, he deserves to be happy, and my goal in life is to give him all of that and more!

Many people asked why I started Archer's Arrows. At first it was a way to release my creativity on the world and cater to my customers and friends for all their decal needs. Then, we started growing- and growing! My goal when we first started growing, was to create a business that was large enough and providing enough income to bring my husband home. In January that changed. I never had planned on me being home full time before him. The goal was to make it so that he could leave his current job. Well, the cards fell into place, other things fell way out of place, and the decision for me to stay home and work on building Archer's Arrows divinely lined up. 
Fast forward a few months to May. In May it became apparent that the hub's work situation wasn't what he wanted it to be. Years of working the same job and finding no fulfillment left him feeling burnt out, used, and ready to move on. My WHY has always been my main focus, and now- My WHY is coming home. 

As of August, Archer's Arrows is welcoming our second full time employee. My husband! Many people don't realize that when they're buying from a small shop, that they're also supporting a BIG dream. Because of you, our customers and biggest supporters, we are able to be jumping out into the scary big waters of full entrepreneurship. Your support helps bring husbands home to a job that he can feel fulfilled in building his own business. Your support and purchases make it possible for this. Ray has helped in the shop over the holiday season and when I need an extra hand in production. He makes processing times cut in half, and opens up time for me to work on the design side of our business.
What else!? Well...
As of August, we will also be expanding the Archer name. Not with people, but with an additional shop. We will be offering branding services, website building, and Industrial vinyls (Car advertising with vinyls, Business window hours/advertising) on a much larger scale than our small vinyl cutters can do. We will also be offering more clothing lines, and expressing the crazy/sarcastic/sailor linguistic side of us through products! We are excited and proud to introduce: The Other Side Design Co, An Archer's Arrows by Chele Brand.


So, what does all of this mean (I mean, besides us being about 90000 times happier in life)?
-Faster processing times aka 1 week shipping!
-More design releases!
-More options!
-More seasonal products!

I am THRILLED beyond belief that this dream is coming true! I truly appreciate the support we have from our customers and friends and look forward to seeing the business grow and prosper! Thank you for being such amazing support. Your prayers and encouragement mean the world to us at this time as it is a leap of faith, and sometimes leaping is scary! We look forward to the rest of this year and can't wait to see where we will be in a year from now! 

Have a great week!
 Xo Chele and Ray

Makers gonna Make

Make and takes? What are they and how can I rock the socks off of a make and take?

The great thing is-> Archer's Arrows is offering Start to Finish make and take packages. The packages will include: 

  • 50-Invitations
  • 15- Recipe cards for 5 recipes
  • 2 Recipes for Foods using your essential oils
  • Containers/bottles for 15x5 recipes includes: roller bottles, jars, or containers needed for the recipes
  • Supply list you need for the class
  • 15 Thank you cards
  • Hostess information package
  • Hostess reward for kit sales/etc.

Make and takes, well, they're kind of my jam and I've learned how to dial them to a smooth finish. It starts with a theme. These are the options that we've loved to work with!

  • Mom & Me- Focusing on recipes for both mom and baby- diaper cream, bosom buddy balm, soothing lotion, baby bubble bath, and stress soak for mama. 
  • Pampered and Pretty- Focusing on recipes for her beauty regime- dry shampoo, blush, face scrub, shave oil, and zit zapper.
  • Beauty and the Bedroom/ Bachelorette Party- Focusing on recipes to ignite the inner Aphrodite for her with recipes to use with him- nips N lips (edible balm), THE recipe (pants party for her), dry shampoo (for that after party hair), massage oil for him or her, and shave oil.
  • Fur Babies- Focuses on your pets wellness- Pet Shampoo, no-odor litter drops, smell good spray(dogs), bad breath biscuits, and flea/tick collar repellent.
  • The Outdoors Enthusiast- focuses on recipes for all of the outdoor enthusiast- after sun soothing spray, buggy spray, sun shield, cooling spray, and fresh tent spray.
  • Holiday/Special occasion- Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Birthday Party, etc. Let us know what you're looking for and we can make it seasonally sound

Now, the next question I have is: What would YOU like to see in our Make and Take boxes!? We are SO excited to be doing these, and cannot wait to hear from you! We will be doing a drawing on all who comment on this post to offer $20 off your first Make and Take box! 

Your Name *
Your Name
What options would you like in the Make and Takes? *
Please check all that apply


During a business meeting with the amazing Tracy from Oopsa Daisy (who I have the pleasure in helping her brand her new website and logo!), I re-visited a shop space that I've always loved. We walked across the downtown brick street to visit the boutique I knew used to be there... only to find bare walls, open floors and a FOR RENT sign hanging in the window. This space; the open windows, the wood floors, tin ceilings, and brick walls are so much of what I want in a storefront. Brick and Mortar daydreaming... and then reality of the rent, overhead expenses, the area where the shop is (crime), yada yada yada. It stopped there. I stopped it there.
I've recently come to find that something I could do so easily as a kid, doesn't come so easily anymore. It's something about that frontal lobe maturing that totally makes our subconscious get buried under our conscious, over critical, over analytical adult-y selves that gets in the way of daydreaming.

So much light!

So much light!

I've been reading an amazing book as of late called: You Are A Badass, by Jen Scisnero. She is a total badass- and if you haven't read this book yet... DO IT. I'd even Kindle share this ish with you if you need!
While I've been reading this book a few total DUH moments have hit me like a slap to the face. 1. I suck at daydreaming, vision boarding, envisioning the totally crazy big pictures.
2. I'm pretty harsh on myself and I've put myself last... and if you're not first you're last (as Ricky Bobby's daddy so wonderfully put it). 
So, where does this leave me? Thinking about daydreaming, admitting that I am not great at it... that I lost my 8 year old professional touch at thinking about the grandiose things life can offer.
Have you ever forgotten how to daydream? Looked at something and said 'that would be amazing to_____? or to be _____? or to own_____?' Then immediately correct those thoughts with over analyzing your daydream. You put in every possible catastrophe that could happen to the point you've completely and utterly talked yourself out of your dream because the 'what ifs' are way too damn scary? Yeah, this was totally me...
What if I quit my full time semi-corporate job to run an Etsy shop that is supporting my family and my dreams? What if I take the time to get healthy, to focus on my family, to focus on ME? What if I expand into other outlets and add another shop? What if I buy x, y, and z machines because I need them to grow?
  -> Oh- well that's silly. It's selfish, you can't quit your job! What if the oil business suddenly goes under and my bottles and decals mean jack squat any more? What if Etsy's site gets hacked into and I lose everything? What if no one wears shirts, drinks out of coffee mugs, or uses windows anymore? And dear sweet baby Jesus... what would Shirley in accounting think? 
      Well, who the hell cares what Shirley from accounting thinks!? And why am I making everything a catastrophe? Seriously.. hackers... no windows? Who am I? What's the worst that's going to happen? You make the same amount of money you were in your job that was sucking the life out of you, but you're about 839,479,589,209,749,578 times happier? You lose weight the first month you're home full time because you're not so stressed out? Your hair starts to grow back because you focus on your health? You get to see your husband, your dogs, and your framily more? Yeah... that there is some scary shit! Scary awesome.

Taking that first leap is insanely scary. I won't lie about that. I think I questioned myself about nine bazillion times within the first two weeks I was home, until I realized that it was all working out. OMG- this thing is working! Now that I have given myself some permission to dream a bit, I can look at the crazy big picture. Like what's to come? What will that Brick and Mortar look like? Ohhh, the possibilities in life are endless!

What is your daydream? Are you living it? I'd love to hear about it!

xx Chele xx